PhotoArt by Jim Schlett | The Wonders of South Dakota
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A truly amazing land from the Black Hills, Badlands National Park. Deadwood, Custer State Park, Wind Cave National park, Spearfish Falls, Mt Rushmore and Crazy Hills. Well worth a vist of you are fan of history, the national parks and some beautiful views. This is the southwest portion of the state where several movies were filmed including "Dancing with Wolves" and the most recent National Treasure with Nick Cage.
Buffalo or Bison designsThe Spearfish Falls areaThe FallsTime passes slowlyDevils Towerm from the lcosing of Close Encounters of the 3rd KindDevils Tower from a long hikeRock climbing on Devils TowerSlow streamColor ReflectionsPrairie dogLong HornMore ReflectionsLosing hand at Wild Bills TombDeadwood Casino colorsDeadwoodFallsDeadwood moonrise

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